• SmiteMatter - Technopolis Lost
  • SmiteMatter - 3rd Rail
  • SmiteMatter - Under The Moss
  • SmiteMatter - A Matter Of Rain
  • SmiteMatter - A View Of Secrets
  • SmiteMatter - From The Shade
  • SmiteMatter - Glacierized
  • SmiteMatter - Circuit Bards
  • SmiteMatter - Face Of Two
  • SmiteMatter - Familiar
  • SmiteMatter - The Time We Got Back
  • SmiteMatter - Intergain
  • SmiteMatter - Time On A Leash

Apptronica is the collaborative effort of a team of real musicians making real music on iPads and iPhones. We publish a digital magazine 100% dedicated to making music on iOS devices, and our label features the best iOS musicians on the planet.

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While you were checking Facebook and kicking ass at Candy Crush Saga, we were using our iPads and iPhones for this.
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Seeing is believing

Just in case you thought I was making this stuff up. If it’s on YouTube, it must be true, right?

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Your tracks. My tracks. Everyone’s doing it.